School Community Group

Our School Community Group comprises parents and staff working together to create a sense of community connection at our school. The group meets twice per term to develop activities, which focus on bringing people together.

Christ the Priest School Community Group aims to create:-

  • a shared vision and responsibility for our students’ wellbeing, growth and potential as learners and community members
  • partnerships between parents, staff, students, parish and the wider community

Through discussion and planned action, we work collaboratively to support:-

  • parent education
  • communication between home, school and the wider community
  • volunteering
  • learning at home
  • establishing networks within the wider community

We do this in a supportive environment where all team members feel welcome, encouraged and supported to contribute ideas, which support the needs of our students.

We acknowledge and respect that as individuals we bring a range of different experiences and expertise, as we work together to achieve our goals.

As School Community Group representatives, we endeavour to remain focussed on our core purpose of improving student learning and development through connectedness and engagement to school life.

Our priorities for action are informed through the leadership of our Principal, as the delegated person charged with the responsibility of leading our school as an educational community.

We acknowledge that we represent the whole school community and, therefore, share in the responsibility to be open and transparent in our decision making, whilst encouraging the inclusion and participation of all in our School Community Group’s activities.