We endeavour to create a learning community where the Parish, teachers, students and their families work in partnership to lay the foundation for a life long journey in learning and faith development.
Our goal to develop fully the talents and capacities that will eventually form the basis of a successful adult life.
We believe that students should:
  • attain high standards of knowledge, skills and understanding through a comprehensive and balanced curriculum encompassing all areas of the curriculum.
  • attain the skills of Numeracy and English literacy; so that, every student should be numerate, able to read, write, spell and communicate at an appropriate level
  • participate in activities which foster and develop resilience and skills which will allow them maximum flexibility and adaptability in the future

Vision Statement

At Christ the Priest we strive to be a Christ-centred community where students and staff are challenged in their faith development, and are encouraged to explore their relationship with God. We aim to provide a strong educational foundation and inspire life-long learners who are resilient, empowered and excited about the future for themselves and others. We endeavour to provide a learning environment that is evolving, flexible and focused on developing the whole child in partnership with families and the wider community

About us

Our school belongs to the Parish of St. Catherine of Siena, Caroline Springs, and exists to provide a distinctive opportunity for a Catholic education for the Catholic children within our parish. Father Richard Rosse is our Parish Priest. Our school was the first parish school and opened in 2000. Our sister school, St. George Preca Catholic Primary School, opened in 2009.

Code of Conduct

Our schools Code of Conduct has a specific focus on safeguarding our children against sexual, physical, psychological and emotional abuse or neglect. All staff, volunteers, contractors, clergy, and casual relief staff at Christ the Priest Catholic Primary School are expected to actively contribute to a school culture that respects the dignity of its members and affirms the Gospel values of love, care for others, compassion and justice. They are required to observe child-safe principles and expectations for appropriate behavior towards and in the company of children. Consequently, our Code of Conduct is to be observed and complied with by all people associated with our school at all times.