Visual Arts

Visual Arts is the essence of creativity and imagination. Children have an inert urge to create and Visual Arts gives them the power to fuel their imagination and problem solve ideas. It introduces them to a world of exploration, experimentation and investigation.

At Christ the Priest, children are introduced to varied media and techniques covering four units. Each one designed to develop a series of skills and techniques: Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media and Modelling. Each year the work is scaffolded to build on what has been covered previously whilst, at the same time, children are learning new skills and techniques. Art journals are used in class as an artistic and creative diary from Prep to Year 6. These journals demonstrate the creative process year after year. In an era of digital technology, children are starting to explore the vast world of digital art.

Visual Arts offers another platform of expressing oneself. At CtP, students are encouraged to make art in any form and shape, even at home. As Picasso once said ‘Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once (they) grow up’. Happy creating!