Music and music education has been widely acknowledged as a powerful and beneficial tool that supports student learning and success. It is a universal language that bridges culture and language and gives learners an opportunity for expression and communication. Learning music can help students’ self-confidence, self-discipline and teamwork and also supports students’ progress in other important learning areas such as Maths and English.

Music, at Christ the Priest, is taught from Prep to Year 6 in a varied and well-resourced program on a fortnightly basis. Students explore and develop an understanding of the elements of music, music conventions and music styles. They are provided with opportunities to be imaginative and expressive and learn in a collaborative environment where each student is able to create, compose and perform. Students are also given opportunities to reflect on and respond to their own and others’ works.

The well-resourced music room at CtP has a class sets of djembes (African drums), ukuleles, acoustic guitars as well a melodic and non-melodic percussion instruments to support student learning. Students also have access to various digital resources such a iPads and Surface Pro computers to explore online and digital music production through programs such as Garage Band and Soundtrap.

Christ the Priest students participate in a biennial whole school performance which is driven by the Performing Arts team ( Music and Drama ). Students and staff from CtP have been proud to perform six school productions to date: Roll Over Beethoven – 2008, The Phantom of the Oscars – 2010, The Amazing Chase – 2012, A Hero’s Tale – 2014, All Booked Up – 2018 and Thank You For The Music – 2018. Each performance has been a true celebration of the Performing Arts at Christ the Priest and has showcased the many talents within our school community.

Middle (Year 3 and 4) and senior (year 5 and 6) students are also invited to participate in the school choir and school band. These music ensembles perform at school special events such as sacraments, family fun days and events within our wider community.

“When words fail, music speaks.” – Shakespeare