Drama, in essence, is storytelling; the art of communicating ideas and stories. It serves as a platform to view, perform and respond to creative content both locally and across the world, personally and digitally.

Drama is a universal language, spanning across nations, cultures and history. At the heart of every culture, every religion and indeed, every race, storytelling is fundamental to the preservation of traditions and customs, to the longevity of generations who preceded us. Folklore, tale-telling, Dreamtime and mythology are all important aspects of history that students participating in Drama at Christ the Priest are immersed in.

Children are often the most wonderful and engaging of storytellers, with their natural ability to delve into imaginary worlds and fantasise in make-believe. Children are entranced by imaginary worlds and characters and often love being transported into them. Drama promotes the exchange of knowledge and it builds confidence and self-esteem. It helps to refine presentation, problem-solving and organisational skills.

At Christ the Priest, the aim is to expose students to various dramatic mediums and elements which make storytelling come alive. Students are supported to make up and discuss stories and to be confident and expressive when presenting to audiences, both big and small. We view and respond to both ancient and modern works. Through Drama life is celebrated, imagination and the magic of make-believe becomes a vehicle for developing student confidence, providing feedback and opinions, and collaborating with others.

Drama at Christ the Priest is versatile, engaging and energetic. The school’s aim is to provide students with the opportunity to learn about this ancient art of expression, and of course, have lots of fun doing it!